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ISSUE 120 VOL 7 PUBLISHED 11/10/2006


Wind blows blessed blades: Founders' Day celebration includes turbine dedication ceremony

During chapel on Monday, Nov. 6, members of the St. Olaf College community gathered at the site of the wind turbine, a cornfield near the Skoglund Center, to celebrate Founders’ Day and to dedicate the turbine. The "St. Olaf School" was founded on that day 132 years ago in 1874.

Sons bond with moms

Ole men and their mothers met for the Mother/Son Banquets last weekend. The events were sponsored by the Student Activities Committee (SAC), which hosts banquets throughout the school year for students and their parents.

Volunteers give service

Volunteer Network (VN) hosted their bi-annual VN week last week, offering students many opportunities to volunteer and give of themselves and their time. "It was a great week," Liz Frosch '07, VN coordinator, said, mentioning the increased variety of volunteering events.

Seniors plan their futures

"Life as a senior is strange. I feel torn between the consistent life of an Ole, and the very real, 8 a.m. world of an adult," said Liz Frosch ’07. "There is never a moment when I'm not thinking about the future, about ‘one year from now…’” Many Oles in the class of 2007, like Frosch, find that November brings the first burst of job applications, graduate school applications and panic about the future.

Modulars satisfy

Squatting in what was formerly the Rand parking lot is the modular village or the "mods," as they are affectionately known to some on campus. Built as long-term temporary homes for the services held in Flaten Hall and the Old Main Annex, the modular village will be a fixture on campus during construction of the new Science Center complex.

Swimmers remember

The St. Olaf swim team added a new set to their usual workout Monday afternoon. In an act of solidarity shown by all MIAC teams, as well as a few teams out east, swimmers participated in a "swim-a-thon" in memory of Carleton swimmer Ted Mullin, who passed away in September.

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