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ISSUE 121 VOL 15 PUBLISHED 3/21/2008


World Bank scrutinized

Sustainability and development were the hot topics in the Sun Ballroom on Monday night as University of Minnesota professor and McKnight Presidential Fellow Michael Goldman delivered his informative lecture, "The World Bank, Global Poverty, and Bangalore, India."

Abecedarians compete

Last Friday night, over 100 students packed themselves into the Pause not to listen to a blistering rock concert, nor to laugh at a sold-out comedienne's jokes, but instead, to bear witness to an infamous childhood rite of passage: the spelling bee.

Conference deconstructs labels

While most St. Olaf students were just getting out of bed Saturday morning, a group of students and faculty decided to make their morning a bit more meaningful by attending the Harambee conference in Trollhaugen.

Bottled water proven dubious

This past week was designated St. Olaf's World Water Week, a week for the College to focus on the political issues surrounding water.

Moodle keeps tabs

Professors using the online classroom software Moodle have revealed in recent months that they can track student's academic behavior within each class page.

Candidates elucidate platforms

It's election season at St. Olaf, and the Student Government Association (SGA) is buzzing with activity. SGA hosted two forums last week where candidates stated their platforms and the voting community got their questions answered.

Parking misconceptions investigated

"The biggest problems with parking are misconceptions and rumors," said parking coordinator Donna Hunter. As a residential college where pedestrians always have the right of way, St. Olaf simply doesn't have enough space to accommodate every student parking on campus. This often causes many complaints and much frustration.

This week in St. Olaf history

Though Easter lands on the early side of spring this year, it landed nearly as early three years ago.

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