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ISSUE 115 VOL 19 PUBLISHED 4/26/2002


Die hard parents on the rise

The parents of America’s youth have barged into the peaceful bastions that once were the playing fields of tranquility and exuberance, making them into battle fields where over-bearing parents prey on coaches, officials, and even their own children. The classroom of athletics that once taught our children the values of hard work, fair play, and sportsmanship have been corrupted by parents whose disgraceful behavior has undermined these principles.

Kirby Puckett strikes out with public, fans alike

I thought I knew Kirby Puckett. After all, I had season tickets for the Twins from 1987 through 1992. I watched him on local sport shows. I said hi to him as he dropped his kids off at the school I attended. I even played pool with him at a charity event. He was a hero, a role model, perhaps even an acquaintance whom I admired and strove to emulate. On Feb. 20 his wife Tonya filed for divorce after having filed a police report weeks earlier alleging years of spousal abuse. This description of a violent, unfaithful husband could not coexist with the hagiography I had previously perceived as gospel.

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