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ISSUE 115 VOL 21 PUBLISHED 5/10/2002


Bush set to defend American interests in Iraq

Let’s have a show of hands: How many of you are aware that we are on the brink of war? It’s true. The United States is just a phone call away from what could be the most sophisticated war this planet has ever seen. Missiles will fly through the air, tanks will rumble across barren deserts, and F-16s will scream through the sky, all in the name of democracy. And you know what? I’m all for it.

German school shooting brings nation back

Harris, Kelibold, and now Steinhaeuser. These names will go down in the annals of history. Not for some prestigious award that they won or any personal achievement. No, these three men will go down in history for killing dozens of innocent people in a public school.

Zimbabwe leader propells racism, hunger

We can all attest to the fact that it’s been ungodly hot on the hill this week. But the next time you wipe beads of sweat from your forehead, picture this: you’re melting in the sweltering African heat, yet the penetrating sun provides the only warmth your body can muster due to lack of energy. You don’t have the water, shelter, or nourishment you had a week ago, but your dad has acquired some colorful bruises, compliments of the local law enforcement.

Iraqi conflict an act of hypocrisy

If we initiate a shooting war with Iraq, are we not granting moral superiority to a dictator and a regime that are in no way deserving of it?

Iowa Clinic faces invasion of privacy

Imagine that your whole life is laid out for the world to see. Picture your past medical histories, your lovers, and your most personal, private truths accessible to anyone who wishes to view them. In Storm Lake, Iowa, the Iowa Supreme Court is laying down the foundation for all of these things to become possible.

The positive side of liberal arts

A school comprised of beautiful blondes, ACT scores averaging 32 and choirs mistaken for voices of angels. This is St. Olaf, small liberal arts college placed upon a hill above Northfield, Mn.

Tostrud makes for stifling rules

Thinking back on some of the events that kicked off the fall semester, I’m not surprised to find that the opening of Tostrud Center was one of the most memorable. While I am still psyched about the new center, my enthusiasm was tempered when I noticed the strings attached to our gift.

Sexual assault a major concern

The legal definition of sexual assault is performing sexual acts with a person without his or her consent. Consent is the deciding factor in a sexual assault criminal case. There are many questions about consent. Is silence consent?

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