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ISSUE 116 VOL 19 PUBLISHED 5/9/2003


More guns, more trouble

Last Monday, Minnesota committed itself to more innocent killings when Governor Pawlenty signed the House- and Senate-approved conceal and carry law, which allows any adult without a criminal record or a mental disability to tote a handgun in public places, excluding school properties.

Weapons search drags on

Last week, President Bush stated that there’s still “much work to do in Iraq,” including the search for “hidden chemical and biological weapons at hundreds of locations.” The only problem is that the United States can’t seem to find these countless numbers of weapons of mass destruction that apparently exist at “hundreds of locations.”

Bush's faith unjustly attacked

At a time when uncompromising secularists are burning politicians at the stake for evoking the name of God, it is easy to see why President Bush and his faith have come under such fierce attack from those desiring to expel morality from American life. Born-again-Bush’s prominent Christian beliefs and his use of religious rhetoric have put him in the crosshairs of a Leftist war on religion – their mission? Not to give the American people freedom of religion, but rather freedom from religion.

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