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ISSUE 116 VOL 3 PUBLISHED 9/27/2002


Squirrel mail painfully slow

As I walked home from class on a crisp Friday afternoon, I was delighted to hear the birds chirping, the leaves rustling, and the squirrels scampering. Those little squirrels are so fun to watch - always happy, ready to scare me to death as they jump out of the garbage can outside of Larson. Sadly, the irony interrupted my leisurely afternoon walk when I realized the utter fraud that is Squirrel Mail. One would think that Squirrel Mail should resemble the haste and quickness of those scurrying little rodents. Heck, I might as well tie a letter to their backs and give them a map of campus, hoping they will eventually find the intended recipient. It would be quite an improvement on speed.

Mandela critiques US foriegn policy

In words that are beginning to echo the sentiments of more and more nations around the world, South African activist Nelson Mandela condemned the United State’s foreign policy as a "threat to world peace."

Applebee's enters Northfield

Visiting big cities throughout the United States, I’ve realized one common element about them: they’re all beginning to look alike. Not just in terrain and ethnicity, but in the same large corporations that seem to pop up, again and again.

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