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ISSUE 117 VOL 10 PUBLISHED 12/5/2003


Priorities reflected by GEs

The time of year has come and gone, once again, when we all look into our course catalogs and try to decide which classes to (attempt to) register for. Amidst all the grumbling about full classes and the Stone-Age registration system, perhaps attention should be drawn to St. Olaf’s own dramatic example of a good idea gone bad: the General Education (GE) and core requirements.

Mass. Court fuels gay marriage debate: Judges trump ballots

The new ploy of subverting democracy in a mad dash effort to institute liberal policies from the decrees of kangaroo courts is fast becoming a favorite maneuver for America’s far-left. It therefore, came as no surprise when the Massachusetts’ Supreme Court was even considering the issue of gay marriage and then ruling with overwhelming consent (in a 4-3 decision) to radically redefine the institution of marriage by allowing same-sex marriages. It was a clear and decisive victory for gay rights activists. The American people had definitely spoken … oops, I mean four justices on a liberal court in a liberal state that holds less than one-fortieth of the American population.

Mass. Court fuels gay marriage debate: Case makes first step

Our country has been heading down a morally deprived path for years, but a recent decision finally has the momentum to lead us back in the right direction. On Nov. 18, the Massachusetts Supreme Court ruled that homosexual marriage is legal in their state. The decision will officially take effect next May.

Letters to the Editor

Are you responsible? If you answered yes to this question, think about this: are you a responsible member of the St. Olaf community? We’re sure that many of you will answer yes to this question as well. It seems like the correct answer, right? But do your actions speak as loudly as your words?

Co-ed rooms at Olaf?

At Macalester College, that champion of progressiveness to our north, the possibility of co-ed rooming looms on the horizon.

Jackson career in doubt after latest accusations

Kobe Bryant should think about sending Michael Jackson a thank-you card. Wacko Jacko has again been charged with child molestation, diverting almost all media attention away from Kobe’s sexual assault trial.

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