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ISSUE 117 VOL 12 PUBLISHED 3/5/2004


Letters to the Editor

Last weeks article about the shadow forum reported that the St. Olaf Committee for Intellectual Diversity was protesting the Peace Prize Forum as an event, not peace itself. The Commitee argues that the Forum did not encompass a wide enough range of opinions and therefore should not have occurred. As noble as the goals of the Committee may have been, their tactics grossly undermined any credibility their cause may originally have had.

Balancing the books

We all know by now that the St. Olaf budget is in trouble. Were looking at a $3.2 million deficit for next year, and the administration is doing everything possible to break even. So, we have unfortunate cuts to report.

Pawlenty neglects alternatives to death penalty

On Nov. 22, University of North Dakota student Dru Sjodin disappeared, and Minnesota law enforcement and prosecutors are searching for answers and suspects.

Dean fizzles out

The Democratic primaries have, thus far, yielded a series of interesting developments: the two remaining main contenders include an ambulance chaser and a heiress chaser. With the recently held Super Tuesday, one Democrat will more than likely end up alongside Al Gore in the dustbin of historical obsolescence, while the other will go on to face Bush in November.

All eyes to the skies; mars rovers unearth past, future

I am an self-proclaimed Star Trek fan. I believe that it is really worthwhile and amazing to send people into space with the hopes of someday landing on a distant world and finding life that we can befriend.

Bush's past irrelevant

I do not like President Bush. However, my dislike of him has absolutely nothing to do with the recent allegations that he was absent without leave during the Vietnam War.

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