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ISSUE 117 VOL 13 PUBLISHED 3/12/2004


Student Turnout Shows Promise

The annual SGA Elections at St. Olaf pass by every year with little more than a second thought by most students. Candidates surface from the small contingency of students involved in SGA, put up a few posters and halfheartedly hope that the majority of the student body will voice its opinion by filling out a ballot.

Monologues Misjudged

Arent we done with vaginas yet?

Campus debate close-minded, silly

There is a spectre haunting the political discourse at St. Olaf as of late&the spectre of self-righteousness. Over the past semester, it seems that every time there is a political issue for discussion on campus, the political groups on the hill come out of the woodwork.

Some things at St. Olaf should not be subject to the bottom line, regardless of the economies intended by an ever-vigilant college administration.

Boy Suspended; swimsuit issue the culprit

Sixth grade is a time of growth and change in all young men. One day we notice how attractive the girl sitting next to us is, and a day later we think there isnt a prettier woman alive than our art teacher. Magazines with scantily clad women, such as the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, seem to take up more reading time than Nintendo.

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