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ISSUE 117 VOL 16 PUBLISHED 4/23/2004


Assault taboos must shatter

Educating people about sexual assault is never easy. It's a taboo subject that seems to unsettle even the most confident people. There are others who don't want to listen because they claim to have heard everything about sexual assault before. Then theres the issue of false reporting.

Sports debate lives

In the wake of the University of Marylands decision to make their cheerleading team a varsity sport, it seems appropriate to revive the age-old debate of whether or not cheerleading should even be considered a sport.

Bookstore needs independence

Finding something in ones mailbox is exciting for every Ole. I was thoroughly dismayed, however, to find a bookstore customer satisfaction survey in my mailbox this week. Complimentary candy bar aside, I cant help but wonder if this surveys results will be used as evidence in favor of selling out my beloved, independent St. Olaf Bookstore.

Help Wanted

Six to twelve months after all of us leave St. Olaf, the Office of Institutional Research and Planning and the CEL are going to ask us what were doing with our lives.

Signs are changing

VEE-TV, a television program for Britains deaf community, recently changed how it signs some words to the audience. The affected signs include a sign that mimicked a hooked nose to represent a Jewish person and a limp wrist to indicate a homosexual.

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