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ISSUE 117 VOL 17 PUBLISHED 4/30/2004


We should get paid more

Senate made a number of mistakes last week in its decision to raise executive stipends from $900 to $2,000 per year.

More information on campus ecology

As the sun thaws out this formerly frozen campus, the Hill isnt the only place that is singing the song of spring. The natural lands that surround St. Olaf are also waking up after winter.

Gay pride week still provocative

Gay Pride Week is always an anxious and controversial time. St. Olaf College did not even permit the formation of a GLBT group until 1986, when OLGA - Olaf Lesbian and Gay Association - was established.

Nothing as it once seemed

Oh, to be a prospy again. To walk across campus and see the black and gold welcome banners and know they were meant for me.

Sudan horror must end

The time has come for America to take part in military conflicts overseas. However, this time help may be needed elsewhere in the world other than the Middle East. What began as rebel conflicts in Sudans region of Darfur has escalated into something far grimmer.

Pledge a grievance to sexist advertising

In 1965 in Griswold vs. Connecticut, the Supreme Court struck down the law stating that the use of birth control by married couples was illegal.

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