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ISSUE 117 VOL 18 PUBLISHED 5/7/2004


Closing Remarks

Some may expect us to sign off of our editorial duties with a sad piece detailing our long hours, our favorite memories and continuing nostalgia about everything we will miss about our dear old Hill. Maybe we could even include a picture of us in our beloved office.

Iraq help needed now

Senator Edward Kennedy has called it George W. Bushs Vietnam. Democratic Presidential hopeful John Kerry has called it a quagmire. Whatever choice phrase politicians use to describe the situation in Iraq, one thing is certain:

March in D.C unifies all for cause

I have a problem with the terms pro-life, and pro-abortion. These days, people who are opposed to women having the choice of whether or not to have an abortion describe themselves as being pro-life. Using the term pro-life in this way implies that the other side is pro-death,an unfair and undeserved accusation.

Derby Ads Shock

Saturday's Kentucky Derby captivated the sports world, as Smarty Jones continued his streak of undefeated races and won the first leg of the Triple Crown. But the 130th Kentucky Derby was notable for another reason as well. It marked the first time that jockeys have been allowed to wear advertisements on their uniforms during the race.

Hope for Congo lives here

The years of civil unrest and economic slump that have plagued the Democratic Republic of Congo have passed with little recognition from the rest of the world. Border skirmishes, ethnic violence and rebel attacks afflict the country resulting in the horrific deaths, mutilations and the raping of thousands of people.

Prospective student article short-sighted

I'm writing in response to Shayna Melgaard's opinion piece, "Nothing as it once seemed." As a fellow first-year, I can honestly say that I feel none of the bitterness and disillusionment with St. Olaf that is expressed in the piece.

Commitment a solid virtue to obtain

In the April 9 issue of the Mess, St. Olafs resident sex columnist had some words about the dating scene on the Hill. The basic point: its lamentably non-existent. Students dont date at St. Olafsomehow they just get married, and often to each other.

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