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ISSUE 117 VOL 4 PUBLISHED 10/10/2003


War result of insinuations

The Bush administration’s push towards war in Iraq was marked by one sly, deceptive move after another, and President Bush just topped them all.

Cycle set in motion; nursing cut a sign of what is to come

Students from around the nation apply to St. Olaf because it has certain programs that fit their collegiate education desires. For many it may be music, since St. Olaf prides itself on its outstanding musical legacy, or perhaps biology, another subject in which the college has established itself. Whatever the reason, many students come to St. Olaf because the school has excelled in their specific area of academic interest. But for many potential St. Olaf nursing students, their department of intest is in danger of being wiped out of the curriculum.

Editorial: Signs of the times

As students returned to campus this fall, they were met with many familiar sights – first years moving in mass conglomerations, Maureen from Bon Appétit swiping caf cards and President Thomforde getting weepy during convocation. But, one glaring new addition darkened the doorways of residence halls to Buntrock and everywhere in between. Signs can now be seen on every building entrance, stating: “St. Olaf College bans guns on these premises.”

Clark has what Americans need

After a storied career as a commander in the military, retired four-star General Wesley Clark seeks to become the next President of the United States, offering a fresh perspective on war and a sense of security that many Americans long for.

The demise of television; "Coupling" a cheap imitation of shows past

Suppose that television shows and motion pictures could form axes, the way countries do during wartime. Then imagine that “Seinfeld,” “Sex and the City,” and “Swingers” formed an axis. These television shows and movie decided to take the forming of catch phrases out of common occurrences (“Seinfeld”), the raciness and euphemisms of the other (“Sex and the City”), and finally, the male dress and male behavior of the characters in the last one (“Swingers”). Put these distinct characteristics into a blender.

Labels destroy societal bonds

Labels are a convenient way to ignore others; after all, it is easier to categorize people than to slowly uncover the layers comprising a unique individual. Perhaps labeling wouldn’t be so pervasive if we didn’t continually give ourselves labels and wear them with pride (“I’m a feminist,” or “I’m a Lutheran,” or “I’m an alcoholic”).

Letter to the Editor

Regarding Julie Gunderson’s editorial “Dems lack issues, target Bush:” It is refreshing to read an articulate statement of support for our president in a college newspaper at a time when Bush-bashing is a hot fad on our nation’s campuses. I was beginning to think that there were no conservatives born after 1980 left in America.

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