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ISSUE 117 VOL 5 PUBLISHED 10/17/2003


Bush slights gay marriage

Recently President Bush signed a proclamation declaring Oct. 12-18 “Marriage Protection Week.” One of the main goals of this initiative, which is being sponsored by a coalition of conservative and religious organizations, is to marshal support for the Federal Marriage Amendment, a proposed constitutional amendment that would ban same-sex civil marriages.

We are the college

The new strategic plan is on the right track. The three main areas on which it will focus, the building of the new science center, diversifying the student body and planning the budget, while paying attention to revenue, are all good goals.

Rush to judgment

A few weeks ago, radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh resigned from his position as an analyst on ESPN TV’s “Sunday NFL Countdown,” a football pre-game show, after making disparaging remarks about Donovan McNabb of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Davis' career finally terminated; Unforgivable mistakes made

On Oct. 7, Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected governor of the state of California after the successful recall of democratic incumbent, Gray Davis.

"Total Recall" favors actor

I would like to extend my personal congratulations to Arnold Schwarzenegger for doing exactly what everyone knew he would: winning the race for governor of California. Come now, are any of us really that surprised? I know I’m not. Whether or not he is the best man for the job never had anything to do with it. He didn’t draw the state's highest voter turnout in 23 years because of his political platform; more people voted because they had the opportunity to vote for Arnold Schwarzenegger, everyone’s favorite destruction-savvy, buff hero. He may be a pro-choice, pro-death penalty, NRA-loving Republican, but all these faults aside, you have to give credit to a man who could probably bench press your immediate family.

Profiteering disguised as political speech

Three weeks ago, Billy Tourtelot, lead singer of the little-known Tampa Bay heavy metal band Hell on Earth, announced his intention to have a terminally ill fan commit suicide on stage as a “political statement” in support of physician-assisted euthanasia.

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