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ISSUE 117 VOL 6 PUBLISHED 10/31/2003


Heatwole's actions childish

College students often have a reputation of embracing causes, but sometimes the path one takes to champion a concern can move all too quickly from influential to immature. From Feb. 7 to Sept. 14 of this year, Nathaniel Heatwole, a 20-year-old college student at Guilford College in Greensboro, N.C., smuggled box cutters, bleach, clay (simulating plastic explosives), and matches past security on six different occasions at Raleigh-Durham and Baltimore-Washington airports.

Late-term abortions ended: Ban saves many infants

On Oct. 23, a Senate vote of 64-34 passed a bill to ban partial-birth abortion. This bill, approved earlier by the House of Representatives, will now proceed to President Bush, who intends to sign it into law. This will be the first federal law to be passed prohibiting any kind of abortion since Roe vs. Wade in 1973.

Late-term abortions ended: Rights taken from women

Giving in to a politicized attempt by conservatives to push a pro-life agenda, Congress has just approved the first-ever ban on an abortion procedure since Roe v. Wade established a woman’s right to choose in 1973. The law, which prohibits dilation and extraction abortions, commonly known as “partial birth abortions,” is an affront to women’s rights and an insult to moral sovereignty.

Rich gain at expense of the rest

It is a widely known fact that as governor of Texas, George W. Bush did little for higher education. A nationally low percentage of low-income students reached college, and college retention rates dropped. Bush revealed his ongoing tendency to provide stronger tax incentives to families with discretionary incomes, rather than the low and moderate-income families that need the resources.

Wakeup and smell reality

For late-night studying, working in a big group for class, or wanting a more social atmosphere while studying in the library – what could be better than a cup of hot Joe, filled with caffeine, to revive your focus? This picture could soon be a reality at Rolvaag Library.

Letters to the editor

While I applaud Variety Editor Molly Bayrd's choice to actually take a strong stance in her review of "The Man Who," I also find myself frustrated at the inappropriate nature of some of her language.

Patient used for political grandstanding

As Howard Zinn asked last week, how many more Bushes are we going to have to deal with? It’s time to shake our heads at the action of yet another Bush; this time it’s Jeb, little brother of George W. He’s using his power as governor of Florida and a law recently enacted by his own Republican-led legislature to keep a woman on life support despite the objections of her husband.

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