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ISSUE 118 VOL 12 PUBLISHED 3/4/2005


Let us decide to be dry

Having recently returned from studying abroad in Lancaster, England, I came back with an alcohol-related crisis: the curse of a dry campus. When I first arrived at the University of Lancaster, I couldn't help but resort to my Olaf-induced attitude: that, despite the fact that I am of legal drinking age, if I act the slightest bit drunk, a Resident Assistant is sure to come and interrogate me about what I've been doing that evening.

Misadventures in journalism

As I am a presumably graduating senior, it is now time to find some sort of gainful employment that will ease my transition from St. Olaf to the so-called real world. Considering that I am one of the Opinions editors for the esteemed (don’t act like we’re not) Manitou Messenger, my thoughts have recently turned to a career in journalism.

Media misleads on Social Security plan: New York Times editorial dishonest about Bush's reforms

For an example of the intellectual – and dare I say, ethical – poverty of left-leaning media on the matter of personalized Social Security accounts, look no further than the Feb. 23 New York Times editorial on the issue.

Dean revitalizes Dems: Liberal icon provides resistence to Bush's agenda

One of the earliest political memories I have is a National Public Radio (NPR) interview with then newly-appointed Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich. I don’t remember the content of the interview, or where I was when I heard it, but I do remember thinking, “this is a guy who’s got a plan.”

Raising the stakes

Another year, and another letter in our p.o. boxes – printed off on official St. Olaf stationery, politely explaining that after much deliberation, the college regrets to inform us that once again the school’s tuition costs are going up.

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