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ISSUE 118 VOL 15 PUBLISHED 4/8/2005


Caribou Coffee criticized

The word on the street is that on March 12, Caribou Coffee opened its doors to the Northfield community. I’m disappointed. I grew up in Coon Rapids, Minn. – the sprawling suburban capital of the “Chain Store nation.” If you can name a Midwestern chain, Coon Rapids probably has it, in two locations. We’ve got Target, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Walgreens and every fast-food and restaurant chain you can think of, including at least two McDonalds. If you live in Coon Rapids and you want to eat, drink or shop somewhere that isn’t in every city on the map, the odds are against you.

No escape from ‘Rwanda’

The most poignant moment in last Saturday’s showing of “Hotel Rwanda” came when I least expected it.

First Lady wrong on Schiavo case

Being First Lady of the United States is an odd job: part hostess, part trophy wife, part emblem of American woman-hood and sometimes even part-politician or power behind the “throne.” Some modern First Ladies (Nancy Reagan and Senator Hillary Clinton), for example, have been uniquely polarizing figures in American politics.

Seriously discussing Syria: Lebanese people may finally get free, fair elections

Something extraordinary is happening in the Middle East. The authoritarian regimes which have oppressed their populations for decades are finally beginning to crumble. From Riyadh to Cairo, cries for autonomy and democracy are beginning to gain volume, nowhere more markedly than in the Mediterranean nation of Lebanon.

A little less conversation...

Intellectual diversity was the catchphrase on campus last year. Conversations surrounding the topic seemed to pop up everywhere. Journalists wandered the Hill, stuck tape recorders in front of students and asked them to go on the record with their opinions about the so-called “political discourse” on campus. We've had two well-attended forums on the issue, including last month’s debate over professors’ rights in the classroom. We've seen our student government take up the issue by forming a sub-committee to act as a “campus task force” in proceeding with this pesky topic.

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