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ISSUE 118 VOL 17 PUBLISHED 4/22/2005


Coulter ignites discussion: Provocative pundits do not deserve audience

In the weeks leading up to the much-anticipated appearance of conservative pundit extraordinaire Ann Coulter, I vowed to take the high ground.

Coulter ignites discussion: Conservative pundit needs no defending

I refuse to defend Ann Coulter. She doesn’t need to be defended. If you are one of the few liberals to have read a complete book or article of hers instead of a quote devoid of context, only then may you argue with me. In her writing as well as her speeches, she proves her intellect and wit. Not only that: When members of her audience interrupt, yell obscenities or throw food, she refuses to back down.

DeLay’s ethics questioned

While attending the National Rifle Association (NRA) convention in Houston, Texas, Congressman and House Majority Leader Tom DeLay uttered this stirring sound bite: “When a man’s in trouble or in a good fight, you want all your friends around them, preferably armed. So I feel pretty good.” DeLay, it seems, needs all the protection and support he can find nowadays.

Crowd response unwarranted

After attending Ann Coulter’s speech on Sunday evening, I am saddened and ashamed.

Return "Time" to students

In February 2002, the Messenger editors published an editorial debating the merit of the newly-established Community Time.

Blame individual, not weapons

In her article “Ventura refreshingly candid,” Andrea Horbinski stated that, "The truth is, if Uncle Sam comes after you, Uncle Sam will get you [...] our country's military superiority over just about everyone else – ourselves included – is a matter of record."

Reclaiming “Christian”

Responding to the article “Religious tolerance extends to atheists, agnostics,” I heartily agree: “Yes!” We are not a Christian campus. Not nearly.

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