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ISSUE 118 VOL 2 PUBLISHED 9/24/2004


A nuclear error, but fear not: Despite nations attaining weapons, hope still remains

The year 2004 has not gone particularly well for the global community in terms of nuclear security. But before one explores this past year, one must examine previous years of how this issue has dominated world affairs.

Moot Moodleing

To Moodle, or not to Moodle. That is precisely the question many St. Olaf students and faculty have pondered in recent weeks. Last summer, the techies at Informational and Instructional Technologies (IIT) added a new course management system called Moodle to St. Olafs website.

Porch rhetoric false

Every election year, a multitude of issues vie for center stage in each candidates political podium. Some issues such as abortion, unemployment and the economy come back year after year. However, each election year has its special issues as well  this year there has been a lot of talk about what should be done about the situation in Iraq and the war against terrorism.

Daily dose of levity:Stewart, company make news more fun

Living in rural Minnesota and attending a small liberal arts school can certainly make it difficult to keep up with the events of the outside world. After my freshman year, I went home and started watching TV again.

Options for WCAL must be explored

Decisions, decisions  it is easy to dread them, and often very hard to change them after we finally make up our minds. President Thomforde and the Board of Regents are very busy people with a lot on their minds. One thing they decided to do was to sell WCAL earlier this summer.

WCAL essential to St. Olafs mission

While the arguments voiced in the Save WCAL opinion piece that ran in your last issue should suffice to convince the Board of Regents and the president of our college to reconsider their decision to pawn off WCAL, I have another, very deep concern about the negative effect the sale would have on the St. Olaf community.

Surplus spending

Despite across-the-board budget cuts and a $2,500 tuition increase, the Student Government Association (SGA) is still in a state of financial uncertainty, but not the kind you would think. SGA recently announced that there is a budget surplus of nearly $100,000.

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