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ISSUE 118 VOL 4 PUBLISHED 10/8/2004


The right to be hostile

Last week the popular newspaper comic The Boondocks was censored from multiple newspapers including the Washington Post, New York Daily News and Newsday.

Civil debate between parties: Republicans, Democrats encouraged to have respectful discussion

As the frenzy of political debate sweeps across our campus and state, we are disheartened and outraged to see people turning to vandalism and mudslinging to make their voices heard, instead of using the medium of informed, respectful debate.

Have team will travel: Expos on the move

At one point in time, it was rare for a professional sports team to shift hometowns. Unfortunately, some team owners are becoming more concerned about the economic benefits of relocating rather than being loyal to their fans.

Weapons article not at all accurate

After having read the Manitou Messenger's publishing policy, which states that "Letters containing [...] misleading information must be rewritten before publication," I concluded that whoever the editor of the Opinions section is, was asleep at the wheel when last Friday's paper went to press.

Outfoxed article not as fair as movie

In the Oct. 1 article "Movie provides selective evidence," Chase Donaldson attempted to smear the documentary "Outfoxed," which recently received two screenings in Viking Theater sponsored by St. Olaf Peace and Justice.

Where's PAC?

Who needs more politics this time of year? With less than a month before students head off to the polls to cast their votes or mail in their absentee ballots, the political season has reached its fevered pitch. It is easy to grow weary of the campaigning onslaught. You cant go to a meal without seeing a campus group at a table outside the Caf urging their peers to register to vote. You cant walk down your corridor without reading dozens of political signs posted on your neighbors doors. You cant waltz into the Pause on a typical Thursday night to order pizza and not notice that the standing room-only crowd is intently watching a presidential debate.

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