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ISSUE 118 VOL 6 PUBLISHED 10/22/2004


Substantial Debate

Since their humble beginnings in 1960, televised presidential debates have given voters a chance to see each candidate answer questions directly.

Election hotbox: Three states vote on marijuana

This November, citizens in three states will vote on legislation about the use of marijuana.

Controversy, Moore or less

This week, plans to air Michael Moores documentary Fahrenheit 9-11 on a pay-per-view station on Nov. 1 were abandoned due to what the cable company, iN Demand, called valid business and legal concerns.

Serving us better

The leaves are changing colors, students are studying for mid-terms and the servers are down. Again.

Off campus restraint needed: Show respect for greater community

I am writing to share my thoughts with students, and lend my support to off-campus residents who are trying to be decent neighbors in the Northfield community.

Off campus restraint needed: Reconsider attendance, behavior at house parties

Those of you who have been attending the house parties this fall that off-campus students have been hosting may have noticed that they consistently get overcrowded and end prematurely when the police are called to break up the party.

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