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ISSUE 118 VOL 9 PUBLISHED 11/19/2004


War all the time in Fallujah

In his weekly radio address, President Bush, without missing a beat, maintained his usual optimism about the war in Iraq and specifically about the situation in Fallujah.

Democrats stay strong: Despite odds, goals will be pursued with vigor

On Nov. 2, President Bush earned himself a second term in the White House. While we think John Kerry was a better choice for upholding the integrity and promise of America, we acknowledge that George W. Bush was elected president.

Bush fails to practice faith as preached

Never before in American history has the separation of church and state been so disregarded. Both the Bush administration and many American citizens have forgotten that this great country was founded on the ideal of religious freedom.

Registration overhaul

Students clutch cream-colored cards, full of scribbles and cross-outs. Some sneak peeks at their watches amidst constant glances toward the TV monitors. Others attempt conversation, while some stare off into space, wondering when the wait will be over. Suddenly, a loud voice bellows, "6:35!" and the crowd shuffles forward.

Stem-cell analogy intellectually dishonest

How dare Hannah Woldum, or anyone for that matter, compare a woman's right to choose to the Nazi Holocaust.

Sutherland's claims are not valid

After reading Megan Sutherland's Opinions article ("Bin Laden's claims not unfounded," Nov. 12) on Osama Bin Laden, I was mortified.

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