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ISSUE 119 VOL 1 PUBLISHED 9/16/2005


Strike bodes ill for unions

Northwest Airlines’ swift, spin-savvy response to the AMFA strike sets a dangerous precedent for all unionized employees in the airline industry. It’s AMFA today, but every other union tomorrow.

Sustainability blooms prematurely

Unless students have been living under a rock or inside a box for the past week (preferably a biodegradable box, of course), they are well aware that St. Olaf has labeled 2005-2006 the “Year of Green.”

Katrina: Tragedy, travesty

Hurricane Katrina has done more than destroy thousands of lives: It has exposed the core problems of the Bush administration.

Rehnquist's death leaves hole

The death of William Rehnquist has been a shock to many. Instead of mourning his death, however, many are already analyzing his impact on the Supreme Court.

A guide to gas grief

The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina has left many Americans mourning a personal loss: low gas prices.

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