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ISSUE 119 VOL 14 PUBLISHED 3/17/2006


Puckett's death breaks hearts

It is fitting that news of Kirby Puckett's death reached Minnesota in the twilight of one of the first warm, wet-aired, muddy field days of March. Puckett, our state's adopted son of baseball, all teeth and cheeks and swift bat, passed away only weeks before his 46th birthday.

Talk to us

We are impressed by the selection of our president-elect, David R. Anderson ’74. But we are confused and disappointed by the way in which we, the students, were informed about this momentous decision.

New bill solves nothing

“I have signed House Bill 1215 into law,” South Dakota Governor Mike Rounds announced earlier this month. Many St. Olaf students probably do not recognize the name, but most have undoubtedly heard of the abortion debate stirred by this bill, by which South Dakota has eliminated most abortions within its borders.

Euphemistic changes

Talk about better late than never: During the past few weeks, St. Olaf faculty, organizations and students have been notified that, as part of the imminent construction of the new Science Complex, many of their departments and programs will soon be doing a space-saving samba.

Activism beyond protesting

Two weeks ago I, along with the other 230 college students at an environmental conference at University of Wisconsin-Madison, was called complacent by keynote speaker Sowore Omoyele.

Happiness at Harvard hoax features a video clip from a Saturday interview with Tal Ben-Shahar, a professor at Harvard University who teaches a course on happiness. Apparently, Harvard students are not happy. Oh, wait: no one in this modern era is happy.

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