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ISSUE 119 VOL 15 PUBLISHED 3/24/2006


Anderson shows promise, humor

I've claimed in these pages that only after the Board of Regents informed the St. Olaf community as to the reason it canned President Christopher Thomforde can we move on to welcoming our new president. This is another occasion on which I must eat my words. Since the Board continues to be about as forthcoming on that topic as an introverted clam (although it did deign to inform us last week that we had a new president), it's time to move on despite them.

Movement wrongly weclomes few

Let me put my cards on the table. In regards to matters of sexuality, I am what is sometimes called an ally. But I am also opposed to St. Olaf College registering as a Reconciled in Christ college.

Conscience clause confuses

What’s irritating about the recent proposal to allow pharmacists to refuse to dispense certain prescriptions is that it essentially gives people permission to pick and choose which parts of a job they are willing to perform.

Letter to the Editor

The last issue of the Counterweight goes beyond acceptable civil discourse and is an embarrassment to real conservatives. I am writing to the Manitou Messenger rather than to the editors of the Counterweight because I’d like to express my concerns to the wider St. Olaf community.

Editors' note

To our readers...

French protest future

While watching the French news for a class last week, I saw footage of Parisian streets filled with tens of thousands of students who had left the Sorbonne and taken to the streets in protest. But I could only stare in disbelief as the scenes turned violent, showing the clash between students and police decked out in riot gear.

Letter to the Editor

I was surprised and disappointed by Joe Mignano’s review “Orchestra concert disappoints” in last week’s issue.

Letter to the Editor

“Orchestra concert disappoints” is tragically misinformed, displaying a personal bias that misrepresents the majority of concertgoers.

Letter to the Editor

After reading “Case Day planning thwarted,” I was severely disappointed, not by another administrative overreaction, but by Dean Greg Kneser’s ignorant and unrealistic portrayal of liability law.

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