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ISSUE 119 VOL 16 PUBLISHED 4/14/2006


Dole fails to peel away issues

The Political Awareness Committee got one right. It was a shrewd move on someone's part to get a well-known political face who has been out of politics for 10 years to offer up his opinion on everything from his new book to his good-natured bitterness about not winning the 1996 presidential elections.

Immigrants contribute

High poverty levels in Mexico and Latin America, combined with the lure of better-paying, more prolific jobs in the United States bring thousands of undocumented workers across the border each month. An estimated 11.5 million of these undocumented workers live and work in America.

Bob Dole: A recent history

Bob Dole is electrifying. There isn't a student on campus that hasn't been hurriedly whispering about the former presidential candidate's speech on campus Tuesday. But why are students so intoxicated by Dole's presence?

St. Paul smoking ban helps no one

In the last two weeks, the Twin Cities have gone completely smoke-free. St. Paul joined Minneapolis in banning smoking from all indoor areas of bowling alleys, clubs, bars and restaurants at 12:01 a.m. March 31. In one year, the social lives of Twin Cities smokers have been stomped out.

Couric moves on, up

Last week Katie Couric, teary-eyed, announced that she was leaving her job as co-host of America's number-one rated morning program, NBC's "The Today Show." Couric didn't say where she was going, doubtless because NBC forbade her, but everyone not living under a rock had already heard that CBS had hired her for $75 million over the next five years.

Caf chicken discriminates

It was only a few days ago that I was patiently standing in the Grill line, awaiting my chance to request "a chicken breast, please." The Caf was absolute chaos. But after concluding that two chicken breasts was not an unreasonable amount of food to ask for, I boldly took my place in front of the Grill line server and stated my purpose.

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