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ISSUE 119 VOL 18 PUBLISHED 4/28/2006


Franken addresses values

For those who know comedian Al Franken only as the author of “Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them,” his appearance in the Pause last Friday night could not have been more surprising.

Learning from the land

If the St. Olaf community were to build a classroom on our natural grasslands, the building’s air and water would be warmed by the sun. Its electricity would be generated on site. Its roof would be prairie sod and the building itself, invulnerable to prairie conditions – in particular, a cycle of fire and regrowth.

Bush changes hands, again

The “White House shuffle” is ostensibly just that: a trick of the eye where administration officials are changing jobs, but the hand stays the same. The men and women responsible for war woes and domestic debacles retain their posts.

Giving away our integrity

Honestly, with all of the exposition about how “in trouble” this school is financially, we sure do wave our money around.

Global mission alive

Walking by the International Studies photo contest winners displayed in Buntrock Commons recently, I could not help but be very proud of this institution.

Film comes too soon: "United 93" treats trauma cavalierly

Less than five years later, are we ready to trek to our local cineplex to watch on the big screen what we could only mentally escape by watching something that would have otherwise gone down in history with flim flops like “Gigli?”

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