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ISSUE 119 VOL 19 PUBLISHED 5/5/2006


Gas prices gouge drivers

With gas prices approaching $3 a gallon in Minnesota, people are starting to ask questions: Will it last? Why are prices so high?

Plagiarism overblown

We are living in an age of “truthiness.” Publisher Little, Brown announced last Thursday that it was recalling all editions of Kaavya Viswanthan’s “How Opal Mehta Got Kissed, Got Wild, and Got a Life.” The novel, Viswanthan’s first, contains more than 40 passages that resemble sections of two books by Megan McCafferty, “Sloppy Firsts” and “Second Helpings.”

Humanities lack finish: Majors should showcase fine work

A capstone like the Senior Art Show is one that many other humanities-based majors lack. As I witnessed the show’s unveiling on April 23, I realized that art majors have a unique opportunity to share their work with friends, family and the community.

Letter to the Editor

The Student Alumni Association would like to respond to last week’s editorial, “Giving away our integrity.” We were quite disappointed to see that incorrect facts were used to criticize the committee.

Stav's immigration connection

May came in like a drowned rat on the St. Olaf campus this year, but the rat wasn’t yet dead on arrival. Anyone who went to Stav Hall this past Monday (and it was a grilled cheese day, so presumably a lot of people did) could not have failed to notice the monumental delays in its services, especially in the dish room.

Party time

Most students would rather spend their final time with friends enjoying the nice weather than studying for hours in the library alone. After racking our brains for multiple hours, we have devised a solution to fix this situation.

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