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ISSUE 119 VOL 20 PUBLISHED 5/12/2006


Myth of 'bubble' bursts

In my nearly three years on campus, I have heard people mention time and again this mythical bubble that seems to surround our campus – you know, the one that keeps us from finding out information about anything that exists beyond Norway Valley. The great catch-all of the “bubble” has now become a great excuse to avoid personal accountability at St. Olaf.

Music major stifles

Every academic department has little flaws that bug its majors, and the Music Department is no different. But it seems that the music major mysteriously happens to create more students who are more bitter than most Oles.

Farewell and thank you

As we near the end of another school year, we recognize that some of our community members are leaving this campus for good. While seniors face the natural progression in life from college to graduate school or a job or whatever, President Christopher Thomforde leaves reluctantly to a new job many miles away.

Avian influenza alarms unduly

The “Avian Flu Policy” e-mail that was recently sent out to the St. Olaf community was a forward looking, painstaking step on the part of our administration, as well as extremely alarmist. Next we should draft a Leprosy Policy, or perhaps a Mono contingency (because that stuff is really scary).

Speech freedom limited

Just because we have the freedom of speech does not mean we have to use it. In the last few months, the right to express oneself in any way has been challenged repeatedly. Moreover, rights can be abused.

Darfur ignorance offends

I was discussing conflicts in various parts of the world with a friend the other day, and I mentioned the conflict in Darfur. “Darfur? What’s that?” she asked. I was shocked. How could she not know about Darfur?

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