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ISSUE 119 VOL 4 PUBLISHED 10/7/2005


Pet policy problematic

Something disturbing is going on beneath the campus’' tranquil surface: A melodious voice has been forever silenced. This year the administration decided to ban animals from buildings. Why now? Have professors’ pets suddenly become dangerous? Or is there something more insidious going on?

Community living

We would like to encourage those students living off-campus, as well as those living on-campus who attend off-campus parties, to keep their behavior under control.

Gay ban misguided

Roman Catholic laity and clergy have been abuzz about the news that the Vatican may release a document concerning the status of homosexuals in seminaries.

Germany in limbo

Germany has no chancellor. The Social Democratic Party (SPD) and the Christian Democratic/Socialist Union (CDU/CSU) met Wednesday to discuss leadership of a possible “grand coalition” between the two parties: Red-green and black-yellow have each expressed interest in a red-black coalition.

FDA needs a 'Plan B'

The resignation of Lester Crawford from his position as commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has created speculation that a turbulent and controversial year is to blame for forcing out the doctor of veterinary medicine after only two months on the job and just over one year as acting commissioner.

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