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ISSUE 119 VOL 5 PUBLISHED 10/14/2005


Kate Moss' snorting snafu

I have long thought that there is a drug which keeps models looking unearthly skinny and beautiful. I now know that this drug is cocaine. Kate Moss – purveyor of world-class clothes and fashion role model for many women all over the world – was caught on film last month snorting the drug in a recording studio.

Carleton student disgusted

There are not many situations in which I would find myself – a senior woman at Carleton – writing to the St. Olaf newspaper, but unfortunately one has occurred. Here’s the deal: A friend and I got spat on by a St. Olaf man.

Good sportsmanship

In lieu of writing an editorial for this week, we have chosen to publish excerpts from a letter sent from a Northfield community member about the behavior of Oles at last Saturday's Cereal Bowl.

Act endangers species

The Endangered Species Act (ESA) became the nation’s most powerful environmental law in 1973. But now Republican Rep. Richard Pombo of California is advocating changes that would reduce the government’s ability to protect the 1,268 plant and animal species currently endangered.

Hughes' foreign tour a bitter pill

Hughes may not have been the best person for this tour. It may have just been due to her status as a Bush crony, but her comments demonstrated general ignorance about the Middle East.

Hammering Republicans

Tom DeLay got smacked. That’s really the only way to put it.

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