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ISSUE 119 VOL 6 PUBLISHED 10/28/2005


Royal visit mixes tradition, absurdity

Last Thursday, the entire campus was abuzz about His Royal Highness Crown Prince Haakon Magnus, but this is America! Unlike the French, we didn’t kill our king, but we did tell him where to shove it.

State of health

The headline “St. Olaf students are healthier than national norms, recent survey shows” sits on the homepage of the St. Olaf website, ostentatiously promoting our virtues as a college.

Letter to the editor

I understand that people can easily get rubbed the wrong way when tensions and words get stretched – but the second letter from a Carleton student which recently appeared in the Manitou Messenger regarding student behavior at the Cereal Bowl went over the top

Runner offers apology

I must begin, good friends, by apologizing for my rough and uncouth mode of speech, for I have never attended the councils of our professors of English, nor have I studied rhetoric with our learned thespians, being by nature and training more inclined to numeracy.

Bush continues friendly appointment

If Miers really is, as President Bush has said, “The best person he could find,” then the president certainly needs to hire a new exploratory committee.

Sports, religion intermingle

Upon first glance, the title for this weekend’s Second International Conference on “Sport and Religion: An Inquiry into Cultural Values” may seem strange.

Top 100 lists score a record low

After seeing a list of the “100 best magazine covers of all time” last week, I realized that I don’t have just one issue with “top 100” lists. I have many issues.

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