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ISSUE 119 VOL 7 PUBLISHED 11/4/2005


Theatrical politics: Rumsfeld tours Asia, gains a horse

Last week, Donald Rumsfeld toured the Asian states of China, North Korea, South Korea and Mongolia, as well as Lithuania. His trip was organized as a personal “thank you” to countries helping to foster and strengthen U.S. policy in the region and as a warning to those countries not stepping into line.

Wiretap will cost colleges

It was recently announced that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), in the name of fighting terrorism, has extended a 1994 wiretap law (the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act), forcing compliant organizations to include universities, libraries, airports providing wireless service and commercial Internet access providers.

Bipartisanship 'Blooms'

Next Tuesday, New Yorkers will go to the polls to vote for their next mayor. Incumbent Michael R. Bloomberg, a Republican, is running on his record of successes, large and small, against Democratic nominee Fernando Ferrer.

Letter to the Editor

While the author likely created last week's political cartoon with no malicious intent toward St. Olaf’s GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender) community, its message targeted and belittled the significance of, and sentiments behind, National Coming Out Week.

We need a place to play

As we prepare for Christmas Festival, we cannot help but think that something is sorely missing from our campus: a concert hall.

Every child left behind

I think it is time for the American people to examine one of the backbones of George W. Bush’s first administration, the No Child Left Behind Act. Passed in 2001 with much fanfare, No Child Left Behind has been relegated to the back seat of political priorities, but that does not mean its impact has been any less drastic.

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