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ISSUE 119 VOL 9 PUBLISHED 11/18/2005


Wiped off the map: "Ideals to action" means little with limited courses

With all of this rhetoric about diversity on campus, one would expect the college administration to be committed to the same ideals which we proudly declare in chapel and splash across our pamphlets. Sadly, the current reality is quite different. A glance at the globe will attest to the enormity of the African continent, but St. Olaf has effectively wiped Africa from the map.

Riots reveal identity crisis

It is time for a critical evaluation of the integration of immigrants in France and across Europe. The poverty in the suburbs of France is mostly cyclical; young people have few routes to escape from it.

Debate simplifies abortion

With two recent vacancies on the Supreme Court, controversial issues such as abortion are receiving additional national attention through media buzzwords used to categorize candidates into dichotomous thought-camps.

Light pollution obscures green

St. Olaf's lights are not hitting their targets alone. If you were to take a midnight stroll off campus and look back towards the Hill, you would see that it glows bright gold against the night sky. This kind of bothersome lighting is no longer functional. It is pollution.

Billion-dollar mistake

Student financial aid is in crisis again. The Higher Education Act (HEA), which provides a major source of federal education funding, is currently in the process of being reauthorized and reformed by Congress.

Letter to the Editor

Your editorial of Nov. 10 regarding Waste Management and Senior Regent Dean Buntrock compels a response.

Getting rid of rowdiness

St. Olaf students are only rowdy at Carleton, and therefore, we must cut off communication between Carleton and St. Olaf before their pernicious effects of Neapolitan liberalism harm our campus any further.

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