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ISSUE 120 VOL 12 PUBLISHED 2/23/2007


Turn on the taps in Buntrock

After four years of life on the Hill and four years of writing for the Manitou Messenger I can accurately say that no story, no collective narrative has enraptured the students of St. Olaf as much as the drinking policy.

Pause the Carnival?

For the past three years, the Buntrock Commons Crossroads has hosted V-Week’s Vagina Carnival. The St. Olaf administration apparently decided this year that the best place to provide a fun and informative gathering for women’s issues is a dark, out-of-the-way and inconspicuous place.

Pause the Carnival?

The intended effect of the Vagina Carnival is to grab people’s attention and get them talking about the Vagina Monologues and abuse against women. Its actual effect, however, is to degrade women by reducing womanhood to a sexual organ.

Diaper lady crosses line, country

Dear Astronaut Lisa Nowak, What happened?

Letter to the editor

The purpose of this letter is to voice my opinion about the College’s demonstrated lack of commitment to helping students with their post-St. Olaf endeavors and to inspire change where it is needed.

The ‘West Wing’ Is Not Real, Really

I’ve been on a rather intense West Wing kick over the last three weeks. So intense, in fact, that I find myself, late at night, awake in bed thinking about the State of the Union speech President Jed Bartlett just gave and how it nearly brought me to tears.

Bush flips climate stance

You’d think that the changing scientific tide would make President George Bush reconsider his stance on climate change. And the administration would like us to believe that he has.

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