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ISSUE 120 VOL 14 PUBLISHED 3/9/2007


Outcry over Newberry

I distinctly remember the first time I learned the word “scrotum.” Mr. Smith and Mr. O’Toole, two gravelly-voiced ex-marines, were teaching my fifth-grade sexual education class, and to lighten the mood, Mr. Smith was cracking genitalia jokes. “What do you call twelve naked men sitting on each others shoulders?” he asked.

Wikipedia banned

Middlebury College has banned Wikipedia citations in its courses. (Which, by the way, is already on Wikipedia, in the “Middlebury College” article.) Why is this even an issue?

Party rules

Oles like to party. It’s true, go tell the mayor. Kept in a constant state of repression and denial, Oles freak out when given the opportunity to cut loose. So, when one of our fine collegiate peers goes to a party off-campus and imbibes alcohol, embracing the college student norm of partying hardy and having a good time, they don’t really know what is considered good or bad behavior, because we haven’t had the chance to test the tepid waters of alcohol consumption and partying yet.

Peace protests unite dissenters

Peace and political protests are bizarre microcosms of the American population. They are instant communities of people from drastically different backgrounds joining together out of a conviction for a common cause, a beautifully cohesive representation of freedom of speech and peaceable assembly. When else can you find entire convents of nuns marching beside anarchist, angst-ridden teenagers?

Ultimatum issued

I was dismayed to see last week that religion and sexuality are at war again with a new fury. On Feb. 19, closing a conference in Tanzania, the worldwide Anglican church issued an ultimatum to their Episcopalian branch in the United States.

Letter to the editor

There was a controversial display up last week in the hallway between the library and Buntrock Commons. While I fully agree that the media can misrepresent peaceful protests, I would argue that this display is an even greater misrepresentation. Perhaps it is a simple matter of confusion over the definition of “peaceful protest” that has led to confusion.

Letter to the editor

The comments from Kathy Glampe appearing in the Manitou Messenger last week about my SSS article in the Counterweight deserve a brief response. First, Glampe breached newspaper etiquette by writing to the Messenger about an article in a different paper. The lack of propriety of her action parallels that of someone writing to the Northfield News or The New York Times to complain about an article in the Manitou Messenger.

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