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ISSUE 120 VOL 16 PUBLISHED 3/23/2007


Lake Olaf: Friend or foe?: Tough tradeoff between enjoying suffering, preserving health

As I walked from Boe Memorial Chapel to Old Main Hall earlier this week, I discovered something that greatly disturbed me: the enormous puddle of water behind Buntrock – lovingly dubbed “Lake Olaf” by many students – was gone. You see, I am a seeker of cheap thrills, and one of my favorite pastimes throughout the years has been watching people tiptoe around the puddle, only to get stuck in the mud or, better yet, fall into the mass of brownish water with chunks of ice and who-knows-what still floating in it.

'Bong' sparks debate

The phrase “Bong Hits 4 Jesus” does not make much sense. Why bong hits? Does Jesus need bong hits? Do people need to take bong hits for Jesus? Is it a radical religious statement that dramatically redefines a Christian’s relation to Christ? Sola chiba instead of sola scriptura? Bud over the Bible?

Addressing Iran overdue

Recently the United States of America conducted its first high-level diplomatic contacts with the Republic of Iran since 2004. On one level, this is a huge step forward in relations between America and Iran, especially since if you listen to the Bush administration, the possibility of Iran acquiring a nuclear program and thus the capacity to produce unconventional weapons of the nuclear sort is one of our paramount concerns at the moment.

A digression in careers

I spent the weekend reliving my youth. Yes, I know that sounds strange, but even at our age we can do this. I accomplished this ironic task by surrounding myself with some of my former passions and reflectimg on how sweet they were, and perhaps still are.

Geothermal benefits

As a nation, the United States is committed to reducing greenhouse gases through the use of more environmentally friendly power sources. As long as those alternative sources are ethanol and nuclear power, that is.

HPV vaccination useful

HPV: human papilloma virus, sexually transmitted disease, cause of genital and anal warts, anal and penile cancer. Gardasil: vaccine approved by the FDA last summer as an effective means of guarding against these diseases by preventing HPV.

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