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ISSUE 120 VOL 17 PUBLISHED 4/13/2007


Skip Malkin's speech: How St. Olaf still welcomes pundits: a shocking exposé

Nearly two years after St. Olaf students witnessed and participated in Ann Coulter’s political mudslinging we prepare for another fringe speaker sponsored by SGA’s Political Awareness Committee. The fiery and provocative political commentator Michelle Malkin is likely to revive the emotional and unhealthy debate that inflicted campus during and after Coulter’s speech.

Spring cleaning for elections

You know that the state of politics is in a bad place when Van Halen and presidential candidates have similar summer ambitions: tour the country, make as much money as possible and try to score a few extra-marital affairs.

The dreaded job search

My friends have started being rejected from jobs they forgot they had applied to. I have only heard back from two of the 20-plus jobs to which I have applied. The nearer we come to the end of senior year, the more desperate we all become.

Ideals not in action

The last year and a half at St. Olaf College have been a love-hate relationship for me. Every time I feel this institution growing on me, the school quickly reminds me of its low self-esteem, its need to push an image.

Rehabilitate offenders

Just because a system isn'’t perfect doesn'’t mean you should get rid of it, but it seems that’s precisely what some Californian politicians would like to do with Proposition 36.

USDA threatens organic fare

In March the U.S. Department of Agriculture [USDA] released a ruling that narrows organic certification requirements which could ultimately put farms that are part of co-operatives out of business.

Letter to the Editor

Like most of the coverage of the issue, the article "Tribe members limited" was too simplistic and in many ways misrepresented the Cherokee point of view.

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