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ISSUE 120 VOL 18 PUBLISHED 4/20/2007


Here's to you, Jackie R

Baseball is tradition, a game that etches the past in stone and centers on faith rather than objective understanding.

Blame Imus, not hip-hop

Long considered an inveterate racist and sexist by a whole gaggle of cultural critics, Don Imus' remark took an undeserved potshot at some pretty admirable women.

Letter to the editor

The St. Olaf natural lands are a hot topic. Rumors have run rampant, with some suggesting that President David R. Anderson ‘74 plans to sell the natural lands for development. But what's the real story?

A note

As the outgoing Executive Editors of the Manitou Messenger, this is the last editorial of our collegiate careers; alas, we must pass the torch onto the next generation of aspiring journalists.

Kurt Vonnegut not in heaven?

Kurt Vonnegut, oft proclaimed a humanist, presumably didn’t believe in heaven. At least not the kind of heaven where he’d find himself sipping strong drinks with Tennessee Williams, swapping sarcasm with fellow cynic Mark Twain or bemoaning Earth’s petroleum depletion while watching airplanes fly past his perch on the pearly gates.

Lacrosse acquittal troubles

In criminal trials the U.S. legal system requires the prosecution to prove a defendant’s guilt “beyond a reasonable doubt.” These days, doubt seems to be the only notion defining the prosecution’s handling of the notorious Duke lacrosse scandal.

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