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ISSUE 120 VOL 19 PUBLISHED 4/27/2007


Reactions to shootings

Last Wednesday, I walked past the newsstand in Rolvaag and saw an angry face staring up at me, brandishing two handguns.

Reactions to shootings

Thirty-three students and faculty, including gunman Cho Seung-Hui, were killed early last week at Virginia Polytechnic and State University in Blacksberg. The tragedy hit the nation hard.

Women spawn sperm: Stem cells may help lesbian moms, infertile men

According to research at the University of Newcastle, infertile couples and homosexuals can now have their free birth control and eat it too: reports that scientists have harvested stem cells from bone marrow to create sperm cells.

Heir William back on market

Women of the world, rejoice. If you ever wanted to be a princess, now is your chance.

Disagreement animates

The impending event of graduation (presuming that, in my journalistic fervor to write articles, I don't completely neglect all my classwork and thus fail) has left me wondering about a lot of things, specifically about St. Olaf.

Earth Day motivates

On this year’s Earth Day, some are strongly tempted to remain complacent.

Moving forward

As we head toward the end of another school year, the makeup of the Manitou Messenger is changing dramatically. Ten staff members are leaving the Mess as they prepare to graduate and enter the “real” world.

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