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ISSUE 120 VOL 6 PUBLISHED 11/3/2006


Paper fails to balance

In the final issue of the Counterweight last spring, executive editor Chase Donaldson ‘07 asked readers why the publication has not received more conservative support on campus. One of my many internal responses to this query was that conservative students on campus would be no more willing to identify themselves with such an extremist point of view than all liberals would believe that Michael Moore represents their political beliefs.

Obama's run enthuses

Most anyone who knows me knows my deep love of Sen. Hillary Clinton. Say what you will about her, the woman’s got pluck. Call her cold, call her ruthless, I call her my favorite candidate for the 2008 election. Until Sunday.

Community requires empathy

I've been thinking a lot about kindness lately. Those of you who know me may find this hard to believe, but it's true.

Letter to the editor

Last week’s Messenger cover shows a picture of a Students for Reproductive Health (SRH) event in connection with Amnesty’s Human Rights Week; due to confusion regarding the activities relating to National Young Women’s Day of Action (NWYDA), on Tuesday, Oct.24, we would like to clarify the actions and intent of Students for Reproductive Health in commemorating NYWDA.

Letter to the editor

In response to Christopher Windle's open letter in last week's Manitou Messenger, I'd like to share part of my original response to Christopher's e-mail to me earlier in the week to explain the law surrounding solicitation and our policies toward political candidates.

Letter to the editor

Opening the Oct. 27 Messenger I was angry, appalled and offended. Mr. Windle’s letter attacking my dad, Ray Cox, was uncalled for, unprofessional and full of lies.

Get out and vote

As Election Day approaches and more and more candidates vie for our attention, I would like to weigh in with my own thoughts on voting.

Science tests itself

Imagine reading and memorizing from a textbook. Now imagine that when you wake up tomorrow morning, the arguments, evidence and facts that you've spent so long learning might change radically thge next day.

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