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ISSUE 120 VOL 7 PUBLISHED 11/10/2006


Turbine honors spirit

One hundred thirty-two years ago this Monday five Norwegian men gathered in a home in Northfield and signed the Articles of Incorporation for the “St. Olaf School.” This Monday we gathered in a cornfield in St. Olaf College to celebrate their idea, its continued success, and our new wind turbine.

New Jersey empowers

I have a dream. If you'’re a homosexual, I don’t' expect you to share it. – I know your priorities are unnatural and frankly, so disgusting in comparison with my own that the dream may seem abnormal. But whichever lifestyle you’'ve chosen to pursue, read on. This is a matter of national and spiritual importance.

Feds preach abstinence

Three years ago, when I left for college, my mom gave me the sex talk. Not the birds and the bees, but rather the effects the birds and the bees would have on my life.

Don’'t Make A Germ’s Job Easier

Being sick isn'’t fun. Let’'s face it, the runny noise, the hand full of Kleenex, the chapped lips and clammy hands don’t quite add up to us at our most attractive. As winter approaches, so do common illnesses like the flu, colds and even just plain old allergies.

Iran liberates Ba'hai education

Imagine if the government did not allow you to go to college. Then imagine if your parents and your older brothers and sisters weren'’t able to go to college either. What would you do?

Letter to the editor

I figured "Boozin' Bums" was an article or response to the article from last week talking about a particular type of individual who chose to drink. Imagine my surprise when I clicked on the link and it took me to a column about sex. Not only that, the question was utterly repulsive.

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