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ISSUE 121 VOL 18 PUBLISHED 4/25/2008


Sport allegiances lack heart

As a sports fan, I understand the charm of choosing sides. But who decided that it's okay to switch loyalties at liberty?

Stress hampers well-being

Somebody needs to quit something -- and soon.

Texas overreacts in raid on polygamists

I heartily approve of the investigations looking into the sect's activities -- I think the Church deserves all the scrutiny it gets, but swooping down on the FLDS ranch with SWAT teams and armored personnel carriers and carrying off 533 women and children in buses was not the best plan of action for Texas authorities.

A Word from Our Editors: Different

This week, I've been different.

Papal doctrine unheeded

Was this visit merely a meet 'n greet, a chance for the country that wholeheartedly embraced his charismatic predecessor, John Paul II, to get a glimpse of the new Big Man of the Catholic Church?

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