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ISSUE 121 VOL 19 PUBLISHED 5/2/2008


Noise pollution controlled

Noise pollution. Many of you may scoff at this concept but it is a seriously underrated environmental crisis. According to the Deafness Institute, almost 28 million Americans have hearing loss and one-third of these is caused by loud noises.

Identity destabilized

However, it is not only in resumés that students have learned to present their best sides; now with the help of such wondrous tools like Myspace and Facebook there are numerous ways to present yourself to the world. But which means is most effective, and do any of them present the real you?

Palestinian experience gives perspective

When I asked a classroom of eighth-grade Palestinians what they would like me to tell Americans, one boy raised his hand and simply responded, "The truth."

A Word from Our Editors: Final Words

It's handoff time at the Manitou Messenger. We've both worked at the Mess for three (Matt) and four (Pete) years now, and in a few days, our time as editors is up.

Fear empowers prejudice

Who am I? How do I see myself? This is the quintessential question for any quest into nature of one's identity.

China distracts

There is a vibrant community of passionate individuals on the St. Olaf campus. Many people join organizations to try and help end human rights abuses all over the world. Often, many of these people take the moral high ground, arguing that people are suffering from repression by harsh rulers and little money.

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