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ISSUE 121 VOL 2 PUBLISHED 9/28/2007


Fan advocates Britney sacrifice

Instead of sending more troops to battle, I propose we offer the Great American Sacrifice to our God. I propose we offer Britney Spears.

Facebook turns lurid

You remember the day. Early last winter, we awoke to the howls and cries of fellow students in the hallways. Facebook had crossed the line.

Northfield bars discriminate

The Northfield bar scene's policies on foreign IDs are about as clear as a fresh pitcher of lager. Both Froggy Bottoms Pub and the Reub 'n Stein, as of six months ago, maintain that a passport is the only acceptable form of foreign ID.

Social ethics caricatu(red)

The (RED) campaign is everywhere. From the United States to Rwanda, from American Express to the Gap, consumers now have the power to help women and children with HIV/AIDS in Africa.

Big Brother enters D.C.

At the end of last summer, while most of us perched on our hammocks, sipped on frozen margaritas and lazily pushed our way through good beach reads, Congress passed the Protect America Act.

A Word from Our Editors: Happy Homecoming

There really isn't anything like fall and the changing colors, but nothing compares to the combination of fall, the changing colors and college football.

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