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ISSUE 121 VOL 3 PUBLISHED 10/5/2007


Egypt resists genital mutilation

Whenever I come across an article about female circumcision, it usually begins with a description of the procedure (and appropriately so). Sometimes, the description is relatively mild.

Campus bereft of PDA

I'm stunned that any Oles ever go on to procreate. Why, you ask? My explanation is simple: look at St. Olaf's PDA, short for public displays of affection (or should I say lack thereof).

Evangelist Bynum battered

American society questions no union more than those between fiery, Bible-banging televangelists and their often wildly comfortable (no, lavish) lifestyle.

Hippie fest miscontsrues zen

I admire anyone's effort to bring together a community of warmth, relaxation and good fun. Last week, St. Olaf's first Zen Fair exemplified a gathering of this kind. However, I am opposed to calling an event something that it is not.

Silverstone vegges nude

One of the more obvious realities of our media-infiltrated existence is that sex sells. Usually it sells cars or clothes, but what about selling vegetarianism with overt sexuality?

A Word from Our Editors: Prudent Policy

Two weeks ago, President Anderson sent the student body an e-mail that contained information pertaining to the potential uses of the College's "non-core" lands.

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