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ISSUE 121 VOL 4 PUBLISHED 10/12/2007


Citizenship test baffles legals

Last week, federal immigration authorities released one hundred new questions to be used on the United States naturalization test. Was it really time to update the questions, or does the reform reflect a new political agenda?

Library curbs studying

On Sunday morning, students need a place to go where academic resources fall at their fingertips. Students need a library. Strangely enough, however, Rolvaag Memorial Library doesn't open on Sundays until noon.

Ahmadinejad rightfully derides

These days, it's hard not to feel like a traitor. At the stoplight, Joe Shmoe's pick-up truck pulls up next to your car. His back windshield is emblazoned with a holographic bald eagle against an American flag, and his tailgate is spotted with yellow ribbons. Staring at your bare Honda, his eyes scream, "Benedict Arnold!"

Chinese politics jilt Burma

The recent protests led by Buddhist monks in Burma finally caught international attention for one of the most tyrannical military dictatorships in the world.

Hi Mom, cut the cord!

Just remember, the next time you’re in Buntrock, there's probably nobody watching -- as far as you know.

A Word from Our Editors: People care

On Saturday, St. Olaf had a chance to conquer the college football world. It was a chance to triumph over a team and a conference that had left the St. Olaf football team in the dust for 28 years – 1979 was the last year the Oles claimed a MIAC title.

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