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ISSUE 121 VOL 6 PUBLISHED 11/2/2007


A Word from Our Editors: Our community

For the past two-plus years, "community" has been difficult to define. Sure, we talk about it, sometimes in passing, other times in serious conversation. But are we really understanding of this complex word?

Iraq war lacks cultural impact

As debate over the Iraq War intensifies, comparing Iraq and Vietnam has become more and more common. Comparing the two wars is perhaps a favorite pastime for politicians and pundits alike.

Executions resuscitate debate

Last December, I opened up my local newspaper, The Orlando Sentinel, to find a disturbing story about the botched execution of Angel Nieves Diaz.

Directors tune KSTO

As the directors of KSTO, the St. Olaf radio station, we have to admit that it is hard to not be biased. When you spend upwards of 10 hours a week working for a job that pays not with peanuts but with indie music, of course you want it to succeed.

Wizard waves a rainbow flag

What if Stan Lee, the co-creator of "X-Men," announced that Wolverine and Nightcrawler had engaged in a secret love affair?

Artists look zany

As the only writer sitting amongst round tables of visual artists and musicians, the Making It in the Arts Conference forced me to shift my tentative career choice into a new mental bracket.

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