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ISSUE 121 VOL 8 PUBLISHED 11/16/2007


Colbert inspires political verve

When I heard my favorite fake news pundit, Stephen Colbert, announce his intention to run for president in his home state of South Carolina (and only in South Carolina), I was overjoyed.

Mohn smoke bomb sparks Residence Life into action

As disturbing as it was to see smoke issuing out of Mohn, the most disgusting sight of the evening was the jeering and laughter coming from part of the crowd.

Costumes stereotype

Halloween dress-up: a favorite time of year when you step into costumes and a whole new identity. Wait: "A whole new identity." Is it new, or is it appropriated?

Laws recall prohibition

I'm writing this article at 9 a.m., and there are probably a few things that I need more than 40 ounces of Mickey's highest grade, large batch, malt liquor.

Creationists trash students

The intelligent design (ID) movement has never been scrupulous, honest or productive. The movement, which posits that life is too complex to have evolved and must have been designed, has lied about their motives from day one.

A Word from Our Editors: Stick it out

Someone once asked me if I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). I looked up from my Caf tray, perhaps gave off a funny look, and said, "Why, don't you?"

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