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ISSUE 115 VOL 19 PUBLISHED 4/26/2002


'Murder' killing viewers softly

“Murder by Numbers” suffers from the “hair gel” phenomenon: try to put in too much style, and the whole thing goes flat.


Liars and Saints lead singer Anton Kreisl recalls the last time his band, then called Jamestown, first played the Spring St. Olaf music festival, Wellstock.

'Walla' shares soft spot for political life - and buffalo wings

“He wants fireworks at his wedding,” said Jaclyn Patrignani, best friend and Vice President of Student Government Association (SGA) with President Nicholas Wallace. “That sums up what Nick Wallace is.”

Entertainment News in Brief

Actor Robert Blake pleaded not guilty Monday to killing his wife, Bonnie Lee Bakley, who was found shot in the head outside a restaurant last May. If convicted, Blake could get the death penalty.

The Procrastination Station

Why is it that warm weather equals short attention spans? Is it the distracting amount of skin that is revealed?

Twining for adventure

After being around this campus for four years, I’ve started to run out of ways to amuse myself, so I’ve had to become more and more creative with entertainment options. Sometimes this leads to interesting and fun activities that I otherwise wouldn’t have done, and sometimes the results are pure crap.

Meet faculty gem Charles Wilson

Have you ever seen the spitting image of Santa Claus walking around campus? That would be St. Olaf religion professor "The Great" Charles Wilson.

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